On the Keto diet, you go through electrolytes a lot faster and if you are just starting out, you can get the “Keto Flu”. This is a Keto friendly way to help with the Keto flu or just to get in more electrolytes that you may be lacking. Pretty much any problem you have on keto can be solved by getting more electrolytes.


1/4 tsp lite salt
1 sugar free water flavor packet or something like sugar free Mio
16.9 oz water


Combine ingredients in a bottle or glass, then shake or stir.

You can add more or less lite salt to taste or how much electrolytes you need. You can also add more salt to make it have more sodium without the potassium.

Note: The Crystal light that I used has aspartame and has some Maltodextrin in it. It would be better to find a flavor packet with Stevia instead, or even Sucralose

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