Keto Recipe (Low Carb): Cheesy Bacon Bites

Okay, I admit that this one doesn’t look too pretty, but it does taste awesome! It is a perfect snack, appetizer, or even a meal. It goes great with my Keto Ranch Dressing!



– 10g Mozzarella Cheese
– Bacon Strip (1 Slice Cooked)
– Vegetable/Coconut Oil
– Paper Towel/Napkins


1. Cut Mozzarella Cheese into 10g Slices
2. Place Mozzarella Cheese Slices into Freezer for 20+ Min
3. Remove Mozzarella from Freezer
4. Preheat Frypan to Med-High Heat w/Choice of *Cooking Oil *(Subject to change nutrition information)
5. Wrap Mozzarella Slices in w/Bacon Strip
6. Place Bacon Strip+Mozzarella Slice (Cheesy Bacon Bites) in Oil
7. Cook Cheesy Bacon Bites until cooked on one side
8. Flip Cheesy Bacon Bites and let cook on opposite side
9. Place Cheesy Bacon Bites on Paper Towel to drain Oil
10. Let rest 2-3 Minutes
11. Enjoy~

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1
Calories: 77
Total Fat: 5.3g
Protein: 5g
Sodium: 338mg
Potassium: 45mg
Total Carbs: 0.1g

Macros & calories can vary depending on brands.

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