Keto Chili

This chili is so good! It is my new favorite thing to eat on Keto because its tasty and very easy to make. The best thing of all, its low carb & Keto friendly! Serve it up with some sour cream and cheese on top and enjoy!


2 lbs ground beef
9 oz chorizo
1 can rotel
2 4 oz cans diced chile’s
garlic salt to taste
paprika to taste
chili powder taste
cumin taste

*You can use a packet of chili seasonings if you want, I use the individual spices to save on carbs.


1. Brown ground beef and season with garlic salt and peppeer
2. Cook chorizo
3. Add Paprika, cumin, and chili powder to ground beef to taste
4. Mix well
5. Add chorizo to ground beef
6. Mix
7. Add rotel
8. Add both cans of diced green chili’s
9. Add water
10. Stir
11. Taste, add more cumin, paprika, or chili powder if needed.
12. Stir
13. Cover and simmer
14. Serve with sour cream and cheese sprinkled on top!

Nutritional Information

Per serving (8 servings):
Calories: 409.3
Carbs: 4.7 g
Fat: 34.5 g
Protein: 25.1 g

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